Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I really am so amazed at how time can just fly by without me actually realising it. Who could have thought that it's almost 4 weeks since I posted in this journal. Not much of a journal at that rate I'd guess - but hey, I haven't been just loafing around here.

The pansies did come on and produce some pretty perfumed blooms after the shadecloth at night persuaded our possom friend that eating them wasn't a good idea! They've all gone now though - to make way for my first tomato plant of the season. Now I've discovered that 'something' (maybe I shouldn't blame possum just yet) is nipping off my tiny beetroot leaves right at the soil level, and leaving them lying limp and sad. I've never grown beetroot before so I'm leaving that opinion reserved until I investigate further - however for safety sake I've covered the tub with wire netting. Let's see the culprit get through that lot now! At least the tiny carrot seeds I planted recently have started to sprout and so far, and seem to be safe. I hope it stays that way.

I'd been thinking about learning a bit more about my camera and how to drive it efficiently and effectively so I booked myself in to a photography course and over two weekends in the past month, I actually did learn a bit more - now I need to practice! I'm hoping that with the coming of our Spring weather I can find some great subject matter and produce some good pics. I actually thought Spring had come two days ago - but it was only a rehearsal. Today we're back to dull grey sky, wind and a temperature of only 16 - brrr... I think I'll need to put the fire on again shortly - just when I thought it would be safe to pack the wood away in the shed until next winter.

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