Sunday, August 10, 2008


The neighbours had fence-line trees removed. These had been ‘home’ to an opossum family for a number of years. We occasionally heard their ‘thump’ as they crossed from the trees to our roof – generally about 9pm in the evening, but since the trees went, so did the ‘thumps.’ Seems they didn’t move out of the area though!

This lovely tub of healthy green leaves was, by now supposed to be sprouting large pansy faces – alas, a little possum has been eating them during the night – all except the white ones that is! Why do you suppose an opossum would choose to eat red and purple pansies, as opposed to white ones – even in the dark? It’s a puzzle to me too.

I’ve not given up though! Last few nights I’ve been covering the tub with shadecloth – hopefully that will give the little buds time to at least open before being devoured as Mr or Ms Opossum’s ‘midnight feast!’

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