Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blogger's Catchup

Things have been quite busy here since Christmas. At the end of January I went to Auckland for a week for a visit with Mum. The time went very quickly as there were things to do for her but we did manage to buy a new bed and a new electric chair which puts her in a standing position from being seated - a great help in older age!

On arriving back, I spent time redecorating our spare bedroom. It was wallpapered when we bought the place 15 yrs ago and probably had been done a while before that as it had become discoloured and dowdy. We stripped it all and painted it in cream. We had a friend from the UK who stayed last week and a couple from Vancouver coming next week so it's continuing to be a busy month for us.

Last week a builder came to repair our kitchen skylight which had water damage after all the storms we've had. Water started pouring down it in Dec during the first big hail storm we had and just continued to get worse with each storm ending up with water in the ceiling, light fitting etc. (a bit hard to see in the above pic). He took out the existing skylight which was a box type with an opening window at the top and replaced it with a fixed one half the size. Part of the ceiling had to be replaced as water was bubbling it out plus repainting. Got the painting finished on Friday and when we were out Friday night there was another of these dreadful storms with inches of water - when we got home the kitchen was awash again. Apparently one of the tiles had not been placed correctly! Now we're almost back to square one. He came back Sat afternoon and fixed the tile in to place but now the ceiling is all stained again where the water leaked and dripped. Tomorrow he comes back to replace the damaged ceiling.

I had my blood count done about a month ago and the result shows my cholesterol is too high for me so the Dr wants me to lower it and lose some weight - I know that needs to be done - so I'm thinking about the low carb diet - it's fairly rigid. Presently I'm just really trying to watch what I eat and cut back size of meals etc.

Well that's about it from me - I have been pretty busy recently and hadn't had time to put anything down in this journal so I guess those who read it occasionally will now be caught up with all of my comings and goings.

Till next time - Blessings!


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