Monday, December 17, 2007


It really wasn’t meant to happen at this time of the year – December – summer – heat – sun! There’s no accounting for the strange kind of weather we’ve had recently and Sunday’s ‘dousing’ was a ‘doozie!

Around 3.30pm and the sky looked so threatening – all black and grey and huge storm clouds rolling our way – the wind got up – then the hail started. I was so afraid the glass skylight in the roof would be broken. The lawn was littered with large hailstones and debris of branches and leaves from the many trees around our area.

We were fortunate and didn’t sustain any real damage to our house – the car certainly was peppered with dints though. Many were so much worse than us – two suburbs over from us the hail was as large as cricket (or tennis) balls and huge damage was done to hundreds of properties. Our daughter who lives only 3 kms from us though got no hail at all. Apparently the storm cut a definite path hitting some properties and missing others only feet away.

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