Sunday, November 18, 2007

This year I’m quite late getting my act together. Usually I like to have this done by at least the end of October, however that month this year in Sydney was supposedly the hottest on record for a long time so I kind of reneged heating the house up even more with the oven turned on for 3 hours.

Each year I’ve kept up a kind of tradition to make up several big sized Christmas cakes and spread them around family members. Last year I decided I’d done it for long enough and would cut down to a smaller size instead of the giant, double recipe size. When I made mention of this to DIL she looked at me a little oddly. I wondered why but realized there was a good reason behind her facial expression when questioned a little about it. She told me she had for a number of years, been sharing her cake with her parents – she was wondering how she could tell them there may not be any that year. I felt so bad about it, that I made extra so they could enjoy their Christmas treat.

So again this year, since the weather has been much cooler for the past week, I’ve found myself getting to it and making up two of the giant sized cakes. I’m sure we’ll all enjoy our ‘once a year Christmas cake’ again come December 25, and probably for a few weeks after!

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