Monday, November 12, 2007


I looked out of the kitchen window and gave a bit of a jump. What was that out on the grass – I have a fear of snakes and even though I’ve only seen one on this property in the 15 years we have lived here, I don’t really want to see another! I ventured as far as the door and peered out. The ‘thing’ hadn’t moved – was simply sunning itself in the bright 9am sunshine.

It suddenly occurred to me! Our ‘blue tongue!’ We had known these lovely creatures had lived around the rocks and concrete which surrounded our pool area ever since we moved into this hous, even producing babies on one occasion, but over the past 3 years haven’t seen sight nor sign of them. Presumed they had gone elsewhere when the drought in Sydney hit and they needed to check out a more ‘lizard friendly’ home.

I managed to get a pic of him/her/it before scurrying away to the coolness of the rocks. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a shot of the beautiful lavender blue tongue which darts in and out of a pink mouth. Their mouth is large and the tongue is very prominent being such a gorgeous blue, and they feed predominantly on snails, slugs and any vegetable matter which takes their fancy. This one had better keep his cotton-picking paws off my baby spinach! Regardless, I sure hope he stays around for a bit now.

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