Friday, September 14, 2007

BATTING - A Quilter’s Dream

After scrolling through more than 500 pages of a ‘batting’ search in Wikipedia, it finally gave me the signal that it could not process my search – it was possibly due to a ‘poorly worded’ search string. Well I hadn’t thought that the word ‘batting’ was ‘poorly worded’ anyway decided to try again, this time adding ‘quilting’ to my search word.

Ah ha! Success – this time only 3 pages to scroll through. Maybe I will find the origin of the term. But alas. No. So many meanings but nothing to give me the slightest clue about the origin of the word used in Quilting.

Firstly as one can imagine, were the cricket terms.
Batting average
Batting order
The act of defending one’s wicket with the cricket bat while attempting to score runs (see Batting, cricket) - helpful!

Then there were the baseball terms:
Batting cage
Batting power
In baseball, batting is the act of attempting to hit the ball with the baseball bat thrown by the pitcher in order to score runs – and again reference (see Batting (baseball)).

Strangely, this search also picked up ‘bat out of hell’ - now that would be an interesting one to pursue!

Another search brought
Cotton batting
Poly batting
Sweet dreams stuffing
even - Ebay batting! – that’d be worth a look I reckon.

But what I wanted was the ‘quilting’ batting. So from another search I got the inevitable “In quilting, batting is a layer of insulation between a top layer of patchwork and a layer of backing material – see (Patchwork quilt).

Well I already knew that but still was no closer to find the origin of the blessed word.

My search on quilt batting produced 50 odd entries, the least relevant being a list of words and phrases having differing meanings in British and American English. Needless to say, this list did not contain any words pertaining to either quilt or batting! However, it did tell me it was also known as ‘wadding’ – now that’s a peculiar word – wonder where that came from!

No, no – I’m not going down that path again – but two interesting facts I could have a go at are:

Wadding is used in guns to seal gas behind a projectile - and
Wadding is also used in model rockets!

Think I’ll quit while I’m still sane – at least for now.

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