Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tub Gardening

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to visit family in the United States. Even though the weather was chilly, we still ate plenty of salads. Amongst the greens was baby spinach leaves which I had seen before but never actually acquired a taste for. I am a real ‘greens’ person and so I relished this ‘new’ taste treat. On arriving home I found my local supermarket had begun stocking cellophane packs of these but I felt the price was rather exhorbitant. I did purchase some and the pack was gone in no time over the next few days. Not to be outdone by the expense from the produce shelf, I found an old tub which had housed many different plants over the past few years, including geraniums, and filled it with fresh potting soil and manure and purchased a few seedling plants for the same price of a bag of the greens. They took off in no time, even though our weather by this time was quite cold. I’ve now planted a few seeds around the edge of the tub and although a different variety, they too are becoming little producers. I’ve never really had any success with vegetable gardening, mainly because I’ve never had the space or correct soil – oh, except for one time I did try to grow potatoes in a black plastic bag – but that’s another story – however, I now really feel I’d like to have a go at growing some of the other vegies that we use frequently. Guess I’ll never get the opportunity though, unless I grow them in tubs, as there really isn’t any place in our yard which would convert easily. Not unless I empty out the pool and convert that! Now there’s a thought! Shame we don’t have those lovely English ‘allotments’ here. That’d be the ticker!

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