Monday, August 06, 2007

Quilt Stash

It's ages since I quilted anything - I have a pile of fabrics which I've stashed away, some for years, intending to use sometime. I am an impulse buyer when it comes to quilting! I see something I like and have great plans to do something with it then eventually don't ever find just the right thing that matched the colour or pattern - or I find something that is just perfect but not the right size. It doesn't take long before my stash of bits and pieces has built up with all sorts of mismatched yardage!

I really feel I must do something with it all - even if it's a small project - just to use up all the bits I've gathered over the years. Either that - or I'll have to bundle it all up and take it to the op shop and ease my conscience - at least that way someone may get to use it and the charity makes a few cents out of it. Hmm... will give it a little more thought over the next few days and see whether I get a surge of inspiration at long last. Once I've dealt with my stash of fabrics, maybe I can have a go at my knitting yarn pile, oh and also my cross stitch bits and bobs! Then I'll concentrate more on my scrapbooking! Ho hum - decisions, decisions!

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