Monday, December 20, 2004

Making themselves at home

I had thrown out what was left of the grandchildren's breakfast - waffles. Probably with eyes bigger than their tummies they had asked for two. One managed all but a half and the other only one. I almost put them in the garbage can - then wondered whether our neighbourly noisy miners might find them a tasty morsel. Before I could change my mind I threw them on to the lawn just a few metres from my kitchen window. Since the babies left the nest a couple of weeks or so ago, I have thrown the odd end of bread out and it's quickly been gobbled up by about 5 or 6 of these birds who frequent the trees growing on the back fence line of our place.

The chirping made me look up as I made myself my morning cuppa. Mum was there on the grass, pecking for all her worth - in flew another - I was surprised to see her hop over to it and begin feeding it - even though it now looked about the same size as her. Quickly another, somewhat fluffy in appearance, flew down as well, and began protesting at his sibling being fed. Mum obliging, shared her mouthful. A few seconds later another adult joined the trio - presumably Dad - and joined in. It seems these now big babies, are no worse off for their ordeal of a couple of weeks ago when they lamely flew out of the nest for the the first time. Competent flyers now, they still seem ill at ease at landing on anything but their tree branch but did come in for a neat one on the grass near where the food was lying. Despite the fact that both of them were able to feed themselves off the grass, both parents were very attentive and made sure each of them had their share.

Amazing stuff when one takes the time to observe. Often we are so busy in our day to day lives that these little blessings pass us by. I have again this morning given thanks to my Heavenly Father for all his wonderful creation - and for the fact that I am able to see it and gain insight and blessing from these little creatures and their day to day comings and goings.

Thank you Lord!


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