Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Joyful sighting

I was standing at the kitchen window last night when mother bird screeched down from a high tree over the back of our fence, landing on the grass where I had thrown the end of a bread roll. She gobbled hungrily at first then took a large piece and flew off with it. I followed her with my eyes and saw her land about 2/3 of the way up a wattle tree, landing right next to two young.

I was feeling such joy. They were 'our' babies alright. Their feathers had grown and tails about an inch longer than when they were in the nest. At that time they were just stubby little stumps of feathers.

They had survived their ordeal. Obviously mother had found them and was continuing to feed them.

As I watched them from my hidden viewing point, I marvelled at the way this bird had sought out her young, even when I had thought there was no hope they would survive, she persisted, found them and continued to nurture, feed and teach them.

How much like our Heavenly Father this is - when we are lost, or just simply go the wrong way, He seeks us out, cradles us in His arms and comforts, forgives, blesses! I am so blessed and so grateful for His love for me.


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