Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Two in the nest

Two baby birds have hatched. Blind and near naked they lie, and vulnerable - especially when new mum departs to seek food. On peeking this morning, I was confronted by four large bulbous eyes which don't see, angling their way toward the sky. Mum was off on a mission to find nourishment or simply to have a break from her demanding twosome. While standing watching the antics of one, a day older than the other, I realised for the first time that baby birds this young, who have no sight, only realise that food may be in the offing, once the branches in which they are lodged, begin to move. As I tried to angle my camera in for a close up shot, the vibration of my movement triggered a response from these babies and they began craning their necks toward the opening of the nest with mouths wide, waiting for a tasty morsel to be shoved inside. They were disappointed on this occasion however, as there was no food forthcoming. I have no doubt though that once I had cleared the door alongside their nesting place, mum - or dad, would have been back with breakfast for the pair.

What an experience these last 3 weeks have been, watching nature at such close quarters. To add to this, the first gardenia bloom broke open yesterday, bringing with it the most marvellously exotic perfume. I am truly blessed!

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