Monday, November 08, 2004

A blast from the past

They came bouncing back into our lives as though they'd never been away. This family who came to this country many years ago on a three year stint had been encouraged by their church, who were sponsoring them to stay, while the Dad completed a Theological degree. Not speaking much English, we were brought together by rather unusual circumstances. They, arriving here with nothing more than what they were able to bring in suitcases - me, with the possibility of assisting them with second hand furniture and household goods. At the time I was working for my church as a Welfare Worker and had access to these commodities through our Thrift Shop when the need arose.

The friendship of our two families grew and they joined us for Christmas dinners and family outings. We took their kids to Sunday School and they learned to speak fluent English by attending the local public school and integrating into other activities.

Now, nearly 20 years later, they were back for a short while. Their son was returning to our city with his new bride, to study at the same College his dad had completed his degree. Dad is now a university lecturer in his country, while mum pastors a large church on the outskirts of the capital. After all these years they had come to help set up an apartment close to the College, for son and new daughter in law. With fairly infrequent communication between us, we found it easy to 'catch up' during their visit for afternoon tea.

Before Mum and Dad departed, they took us with son and daughter in law, to a restaurant serving food traditional to their own country, and we were able to share with them, not only the food, but our mutual love of a Heavenly Father who had originally brought us together.

A blast from the past - certainly - but present day experiences have proven again that our God is an awesome God!

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thanks for leaving a message - it is amazing how people can make contact through the world of blog!! Welcome to it! I look forward to popping by and seeing what's on your mind.