Thursday, November 15, 2012

I seem to recall...

I seem to recall that I've said this before. In fact I'm sure I have - where has the time gone? No journal since I turned 70!  Was this just me being tardy or remiss?  Or was it a sub-conscious effort to not get any older? I'm not sure but I cannot get past the fact that it has probably just been plain old laziness that has prevented me from posting here since January.  If by chance it was my sub-conscious mind trying to prevent me from getting any older I can tell it right here and now that it hasn't been successful! (LOL)  For here we are almost at the end of another year and before I know it, I will be turning 71 - and no effort on my sub-conscious mind will ever change that.
I could say... where has the time gone?  But that would be rather boring and not at all entertaining for anyone who might chance upon this page - but then again, my life does tend to be fairly mundane - doing much the same things each week - but when I glance my mind's eye back through 2012,  I realise that there have been some times when life has sprung some surprises.
Many years ago we befriended a Korean family who had come to live in Sydney while the dad did 3 years of university studies. We have kept in touch over the years and in February they came back to Australia to be with their daughter when she married an Aussie fella! It was great to meet up with the family again and reminisce. In June, eldest grandson B22 left on a long-waited-for overseas trip along with his girlfriend and another young couple. In Venice while riding on a gondola, he 'popped the question' - and she said 'yes'! That was exciting news!
My mum turned 93 in May and was admitted to hospital in early July with a chest infection. She had taken a couple of falls at home during the early part of this year and it had been apparent to the family that she really should be in care. Time came when she was ready for discharge from hospital but the medical team felt she should not live by herself any longer - how sad to not be able to go back home where everything was familiar - but to be placed in a rest home where everything was strange and different. I was able to go to Auckland to close up her home and help resettle her and spend a few weeks visiting.  I am pleased to say though that she's now OK with it all, enjoys the meals and likes the staff who are very good to her plus she's now situated not all that far from where my brother lives - which is indeed is a blessing in itself.
Our friendly neighbourhood birds continue to come each day for their afternoon tea (or breakfast, lunch or dinner - whichever suits) and I continue to get pleasure from their visits.
Health wise, we've been fortunate this year - not even a sniffle! Life continues in much the same way - minding grandsons during school holidays - photography club - craft group - bible study - regular worship attendance - much to be thankful for - serving the Lord in my little corner - where He's placed me - and where He wants me!


Elizabethd said...

I am glad your mum has settled well, it's not always easy.

Karen said...

It's nice to catch up with you, Bee Jay. You have had a busy year indeed! It's good to hear that your mom is settling in to her new home. It would be difficult indeed to have to make such a big change.