Sunday, August 14, 2011

I was just thinking...

I was just thinking... do they kick you out of blogger if you don't blog enough?  'They' would have every good reason to do that to me if my recent non appearance had anything to do with it.  Over 8 weeks since I was here and you know when I think about it I really don't have a very good excuse.

Well, l must say our USA family (the Texas Connection) did come stay for over 4 weeks and in that time we drove to the Gold Coast in Queensland and spent 10 days in a lovely resort.  There were about 16 of us all told as we had planned it to be a family reunion holiday and we had such a great time.  It was so very sad to see the family leave for their home - this time with no plans in place to go visit - that was an eerie feeling not knowing when we might see them again. 

During that time DH has finished work, had a few weeks break, then a few weeks working two mornings a week, then finally 2 weeks ago after being offered another job, began working full time again.  Quite a whirlwind of emotions for him considering he is now past the official retirement age by a few years.

We have purchased another car to enable him to take one for work transport. We were'nt looking for a hybrid but came out of the dealership with a Toyota Prius. It's 2 years old but like brand new - beautiful to drive and so quiet - so far is proving to be quite economical as well.

Over the past months my lower back has been acting up again and is now at the stage where I require more surgery.  Have been seeing my Professor neurosurgeon over the last 3 or so months and last week we made the decision to have an extension to the fusion in my spine which was done in May 2 years ago. The surgery will take place on 23rd August and I'm hopeful it will relieve the pain.

It's been quite a cold winter and we've been so grateful for the lovely cosy fire.  Mostly we use it for most of August but we're hoping by September we can clean it out and not use it again until next winter.  One can never tell in Sydney, already a couple of weeks ago we had a few days of 23/24C degrees - was a bit of a rude awakening to go back to 17C or so which it has remained. 

Some of our Spring bulbs have flower buds emerging and I'm looking forward to seeing the cheerful yellow daffodils - a sure sign that winter is almost over.


 Four brothers and their wives

 Beach fishing sunrise Currumbin Beach


Family Group


Elizabethd said...

Lovely to see you again!

Aussie Stitcher said...

I hope that all goes well for your surgery tomorrow, I will be thinking of you. Glad that your DH defied the trend to not employ older people, if he is not ready for retirement , he is simply not ready. Looks like you had a lovely holiday.