Friday, April 15, 2011


I suppose my excuse for not writing here for so long is probably one many could use at this time of the year, however it is legitimate! I simply have not been feeling 100%.

A month ago E7 came down with a roaring viral infection and was home from school for more than a week. Eventually after doctors appointments and chest X-Ray, pneumonia was suspected however an antibiotic saved the day for him eventually. For 3 days of that week grandmother was on child minding duty. The following few days saw both daughter and grandmother and then L5 succumb to the same infection. All of us battling through then eventually getting antibiotics when mine turned to bronchitis and L5's to pneumonia.  I managed to struggle through the child minding duty again for the following week while daughter managed to make it to work.

Coming right on top of that, school holidays commenced - 2 more weeks of child minding - I have to say that I am relieved that one week is now over and because of Easter next weekend, there will only be 3 days next week. I'm getting too old for two very active and rambunctious but very normal little boys!

To top this off, I have been having problems with my lower back. This has been niggling since before Christmas but over the past few weeks has steadily become worse.  I do have a referral to see my specialist, have had a new CT scan done and am awaiting his office to phone me for an appointment. He is difficult to get to see at times so I may have to be waiting for a while longer. Meanwhile standing and walking is becoming quite aggravating.

Having been in hospital for nearly 3 months, Mum is finally being discharged next week.  My brother has been working through all the govt processes and trying to find a vacancy in a reputable assisted living facility.  We thought it was pretty much signed and sealed however in the past few days, Mum has decided against that option and is planning to return home to her independent living unit.  Her consultant feels her progress may be delayed if she were to move into assisted living when she really didn't want that.  It means the pressure will be on both myself (from a distance, certainly) and my brother, to make sure she is OK by herself. She will have assistance on a daily basis provided by the hospital for a while so we will just have to see how things go - time will tell!  She will be 92 in a couple of weeks time and DH and I are making the trip to see her and make sure all is OK when she goes home.  I'm sure she still thinks my brother and I are in our 30's - I had to mention to her recently that at nearing 70, we will soon have to be thinking of assisted living facilities ourselves! 

Our weather is cooling off substantially although this past week has been sunny. Today is simply pouring with rain - a lovely Saturday to stay indoors, make soup and generally have a lazy day to catch up with myself.

With blessings to all of you my dear reader friends!

E7 & L5 after feeding the ducks yesterday

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Elizabethd said...

Lovely to see you today. Two youngsters dont make for easy living, I guess! As we get older I find I am less able to do the things I once did.
I do hope you find what you need for your dear mother. What a splendid age she is.