Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Oh Christmas Lights!

Neighbours have had their up for days, right down to a gorgeous sleigh with Santa sitting relaxed being pulled by three beautiful twinkling reindeer. Santa's climbing house walls, Santa's on roofs, even the lady next door was busy up on a ladder a couple of days ago hammering long lines of lights to the roofline (a first for this neighbour, bless her heart!). So with all that's happening around me to make it all feel more 'Christmassy' I felt obliged to move myself and start a bit of decorating myself. 

Well, now the wreath's on the door, the little Christmas tree is up and the balustrade decorated with green and gold starry tinsel.  Two new sets of solar lights for the shrubbery by the letterbox now fired up enough to twinkle their little heads off.  Timer set on fixed lights around the roof line - last thing to do was switch on last year's solar lights (pretty multi coloured and flickering) which chase each other up under the eaves.  Oh no! not working - oh well, put the solar panel right into the sun's path for a full day - that should do it.  But Alas!  they have gone to God! 

Out with grandson L5 yesterday to the Christmas el cheapo shop to purchase more - darn it, I'll get two lots  (just in case).

Came home and put the panels out in the brilliant sun. Not quite long enough though so today will have them out early to catch enough sun power for sparkles tonight.

Oh the joys of Christmas!

PS might get pics when all are functioning (ahem)!

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Karen said...

Just stopping by to wish you the merriest of Christmases, Beejay. Your display sounds just beautiful.