Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Searching for friends

Over the past few years I've done a good deal of searching for old friends and was reminded again of this today when reading one of my favourite blogs here - what a feeling of achievement when someone long thought 'lost' is tracked down.

When in New Zealand recently I met up with someone I had known in primary school, but at the age of around 10 years she was moved to another school and we lost contact.  We 'found' each other about 12 months ago through one of the 'friend' websites where we had both registered with our old school.  That meeting prompted us to both try to 'find' another mutual friend from those early years.  With a little digging, and contact with her brother, I managed to get a phone number for her.  It was a thrill to talk and catch up on marriages, children, careers, grandchildren.  Now our mutual friend has also 'caught up' and because both live in the same city, they plan to meet soon to get to know each other all over again. 

How good it is to know that we can never be separated from our Heavenly Father, not by time, nor distance nor any other circumstance.  In fact even if we tried to move from him, he would still faithfully be by our side, just waiting for us to 'make contact' again. 

Thank you Abba Father for Mercy and Grace...

Mercy - I don't get what I deserve

Grace - I get what I don't deserve



NanaNor's said...

Hello my friend, I'm so happy to read this and see how you connected with your two friends from grade school. I still have the one girl that I haven't found but I sure pray for her a lot. Thank you for always leaving me such encouraging comments-you are a blessing I hold dear.
Hugs, Noreen

Karen said...

I love this post, Beejay! How nice that you and your friends reconnected, and I love the way you saw the example of God's love for us and always being there. So beautiful.