Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's over for another year! The Door Knock I mean. The weather report was not good although the cyclone predicted was not due to hit Sydney until late afternoon or evening. Took the umbrella but decided to leave it in the car - a good decision as it wasn't needed. I can't say I really enjoy knocking on doors and asking for monetary donations but knowing it was a for a good cause I began in my allotted area. Sunday mornings are generally 'sleep in' times for so many and 9.30am is probably still far too early for some sleepy-heads - especially if getting to bed was early morning rather than late night for them. On the other hand there are hundreds who are 'up and at it', walking the dog, having breakfast, gardening. On a door knock exercise, you get them all - even those who are in (judging by noises coming from inside the house) but don't bother to answer the doorbell or knock. I must confess I feel slightly aggravated when confronted by this attitude - I would rather have people come and say they didn't want to contribute to the cause, than totally ignore my call. However it does take all kinds to make a world and it would certainly be a very boring place if we all held the same view.
I was assigned an old part of the district, and many who reside here are those who have lived in the same house for maybe 40, 50 years and most remember The Salvation Army because of its association with assistance given during the Depression years and WW2 - others are newcomers to the area having purchased old properties and rebuilt new modern dwellings on the same land. There are lots of 'new Australians' in the area and so language is often a barrier to understanding what is being asked for. The recent downturn in the economy world-wide also has had an effect on what people give. Lots of homes with dogs but only one where I decided not to go through the gate. It was big and loud and definitely quite aggressive - I wasn't prepared to take the risk!
All in all it could be said it was a satisfying experience, for all of those who didn't contribute, there were probably as many who did - and that made it worthwhile. A couple of hundred dollars seems a minute amount when considering the millions it takes to run the programs offered by The Salvation Army in this country but if every collector was able to bring that amount in, then hopefully the target aimed for might be met. I'm praying so!

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