Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I was very comfortable this morning, warm in bed and listening to the early news on the radio when I was jolted out of my snuggery by the telephone ringing. I reached over to get the handset only to find a nothingness with the ringing still happening in the other handset. I leaped out of bed but missed the call by a hair's breadth! Called the number back - it was daughter - grandson L4 had been unwell through the night and was still sleeping - could I come to her place while she took E6 to school! I scurried! That was the start of my day!
The weather is coolish - as one would expect when it's only a day or two off the beginning of winter here 'down under' and sprinkling with rain. We've had downpours over the last 24 hours enough to almost fill the pool - which is good - we need it badly. The morning has had patches of brightness amongst the showers but basically its a bit of a dull day here in Sydney-town.
Occasionally I remember to go into my email provider and clear my inbox of all the unwanted stuff that accumulates. I was a bit surprised to find I had over 3000 emails there! It's been a long job but I've now only got just over 200 left - things I need to go back to - one day I'll get around to doing that. Many of the messages are from people who've made contact with me about our family history lines. It just needs me to make sure I've copied all of their information and saved it before I delete their original messages -
oh no! I smell burning - I intend to treat myself to one of my most favourite foods for lunch today - a total break from my recent eating plan - a grilled croissant filled with ham, cheese and avocado! The griller is burning it - nevermind - I turf that one into the garbage and retrieve another from the freezer.
I've popped it under the griller - I'm salivating at the thought of eating it. Oh Not Again!! I can't believe I've done that twice...

I have to run before the smoke alarm goes off!


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