Thursday, April 23, 2009


Follow up from specialist visit was both beneficial and disappointing. Crux of the matter is that without surgery I will continue to get pain down my right leg and which has started on occasions down the left side.

He mentioned to me that as an alternative treatment, one of the drugs given for epilepsy has been proving effective against nerve pain however opposing that, my GP feels that for most people they are not all that beneficial.

I’ve opted for the surgery – to be next month and will be out of action for a few weeks. I’m hoping it won’t be too long though as babysitting duties will be on hold for a while.

Having been through spinal surgery 5 ½ years ago I know what I’m ‘in for’ and am not looking forward to the early days of recovery. By nature I tend to want to rush things and ‘getting back to normal’ I know will be one of the things I’ll be impatient about.

But for now I have a special celebration to focus on. My mother has her 90th birthday on 2nd May and the family from this side of the ditch are traveling to be with her and host an afternoon tea for about 50 of her family and friends. The cake has been ordered and we have caterers coming to provide the food. Hope it all turns out OK and she is well enough to enjoy the party. We have prepared a power point presentation of photographs from her life from early childhood till the present time and she will no doubt ‘rise to the occasion’ for the cutting of the cake. A special family dinner is planned for the following night before we return home.

The month of May is going to be quite a busy one!

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Melanie said...

So sorry about your pain. I've heard good things about Neurontin - which is for nerve pain and also for seizures. Not sure if that's the one you're talking about. I've heard of good results with it for a lot of the patients I care for.