Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The so called Swine Flu is a worrying world event. So is world travel just at present with the possibility of passing on or picking up infection from other travellers - especially in hugely populated places like international airports.
With this in mind - and as DH and I will be using two of these facilities tomorrow - I'm wondering if I should purchase face masks to use while traveling through the massive people moving places. I understand governments around the world are ordering millions of these, but should they be used as a precaution now anyway?

Talk of world pandemics brings back memories of that almost forgotten illness polio and more recently, HIV/AIDS. Modern medicine and science have come such a long way in being able to help prevent such massive human disasters but can the experts work fast enough in this instance? There is little we as individuals can do except take precautions - plenty of Vitamin C, Garlic and Echinacea. Certainly not a cure, but helpful in building up the body's immune system.

But in any event, although our travel is not essential, its being taken to celebrate Mum's 90th birthday on Saturday. In these days of long-lived humans, not such an achievement some would say, however when looking at an individuals long life and all that has happened in those years, we feel it is something to be proud of and we plan to make a weekend of lovely memories for her to remember, for however many birthdays she is given in the future.

Will be back next week hopefully with a pic or two of the Nonagerian and the family celebrating this great milestone.

Have a good weekend all and blessings!

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Melanie said...

Hope you have a lovely time with your Mum. Most health officials are advising meticlous handwashing and not touching your eyes or mouth. Stay safe and look forward to hearing about your trip on your return.