Thursday, February 26, 2009


Sometimes I feel as though I haven’t really achieved very much in a week but tonight I was going over in my head the things I’ve done this week.

Sunday worship began the week followed by our monthly Bible study at our friend’s home. Nine or ten of us meet and take something towards lunch and spend a pleasant afternoon in each other’s company.

Monday I took my two finished cross stitch pieces to be framed and met with my D-I-L and grand-daughter E16 for lunch. It was good just sitting and chatting and catching up with news. E16 has begun a Business Certificate course this year at a technical college, instead of going back to school and she seems to be enjoying it so far. She has 16 hours each week of lectures which allows her to work her part time job for 3 days.

Tuesdays are regularly my ‘other’ Bible study day but this week it was a ‘study break’. At present we are studying 2 Timothy so while I had the morning ‘off’ I did a bit of preparation for next weeks lesson. I also went and bought a new pair of jeans for myself. I’ve attempted to do this a few times in the past few weeks but after trying on my regular size and finding it too small, got rather disgusted with myself and didn’t go any further. Any way I did find a nice pair made from a stretch material which seemed to fit nicely so I went ahead and got them.

Wednesday E5 and L3 arrived bright and early as usual and after dropping E5 off to school, we came home and L3 ‘helped’ me trim some shrubs in the front garden. Me with the hedge clippers and he with an old pair of scissors and my gardening gloves on. “Ganma” he said, I need your pink ‘glubs’ – so cute! The rest of the day was spent amusing him, and he amusing me at times by blowing bubbles which he got tired of fairly quickly then proceeded to ‘cut’ the grass with the bubble ‘blower’ which has a tiny fan run by battery. He has a great imagination when it comes to gardening activities!

Today I returned my books to the library and chose a few more along with some DVD’s. I hadn’t really thought of borrowing DVD’s before until recently when I discovered there was quite a good selection. I brought home “Mrs Miniver”, and “Come In Spinner” an Australian mini-series, the story of 3 young women during WW2 who worked in the beauty salon of a large city hotel, following their families, their loves and their lives.

The books I borrowed today? A Barbara Delinsky, two by Anna Jacobs and an author I’ve not read before whose name escapes me – think it was Katie Flynn. And a DVD “Against the Wind” another Australian mini-series which I’ve never heard of before.

This afternoon I shortened the length of the new jeans and took the waistband off a skirt which has become too tight. Do you get the feeling that I’ve gained weight recently?

My week so far has been quite busy when I actually analyze what I’ve done and tomorrow will be another day of activity. E5 and L3 are here again early in the morning but tomorrow will just be ‘dropping off and picking up’ for them both. Laundry is on my ‘to do’ list and probably a trip to the supermarket for a few groceries and I hope to finish off the sewing I started today. Hmm… should think about some housework too while I’m on the job – but that usually seems to come in last on my list!

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Melanie said...

Sounds like you've been pretty busy! I have days and weeks like that! Have a lovely day! ((Hugs))