Sunday, October 05, 2008


That pizza I talked about recently - the bits that were left over got frozen. Usually those 'think I'll save that' leftovers have a habit of ending in the garbage eventually, after lying in the freezer till they get 'burned', but after deciding to see what it was like when I couldn't find inspiration for a quick meal, I have to say that this lot tasted as good as it did the day it was baked. I'll be using that recipe again sometime soon when the tastebuds are yelling for pizza!

Meanwhile today in Sydney is a public holiday – Labour Day! I’ll be doing my small bit towards ‘labour’ by mending DH’s trousers! Three pairs have been waiting for my inspiration but now its getting to the point where there’ll be no pants to wear if I don’t do it today. So I must get busy and get the sewing machine out – I’ll probably have to blow the dust off it as it’s been a long time since it saw daylight – but hey – it’ll be something different to do on an overcast, grey, showery Monday.

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