Friday, June 20, 2008


I can’t believe it’s over 4 weeks since I wrote. It’s not that I’ve been over busy – just cramming a few extras into the past few weeks I guess. Like having my eyes tested. That not only involved going for the appointment, but on finding my eyes were not as good as they once had been, I needed to order new lenses for my glasses. Went to pick them up a few days later and when they were not feeling right had to trail back again. Now that would be fine if the optometrist were around the corner, but travelling 25 kms there and 25kms back took up most of the day! Anyway, that’s finished now and I’m certainly seeing a lot better since I’ve resorted to my specs instead of contacts – after nearly 20 years. I far prefer the contacts, but I guess when they aren’t doing the job well, then the alternative has to be resorted to :-(

I've also done a few other things like helping a friend put away stuff in cupboards after a big house move, and going out for dinner with friends from church. But then that's not really any excuse for not writing is it?

Anyway, I haven’t been too slack and have finished a pair of woolly socks which now are warming my mother’s toes, plus a couple of small cross stitch pieces which I’ll post later. One of them I’m in the process of turning into a pinkeep – a first for me. The other I haven’t decided on yet so for now, I’ll just put the socks up.

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Aussie Stitcher said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your grand children are very cute. Your socks look wonderful and I am sure that your Mum loves them.