Friday, May 09, 2008


I was peeling some vegetables at the kitchen sink with young L2 looking on with all the ‘why’ questions he could muster. He wanted to help chop the carrots. He was quite clearly frustrated by my efforts to persuade him otherwise – so we compromised. After finishing my preparation, we sat down together with the playdough of different colours and while I ‘made’ orange carrots, green peas and beans, purple eggplant and other veritable delicacies, he proceeded to ‘chop’ them on a small cutting board and with his child-size knife. How proud he was when ‘Grumps’ came in from work early to show him how he had ‘made’ dinner.
How worthwhile is it to spend these times with grandies when they are in their growing and formative years? To me - 100% worthwhile!

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