Friday, January 04, 2008


Have you ever watched those iridescent shimmering spheres we call bubbles, float heavenward as the reflected sunlight sparkles and catches your eyes until at last they burst, sometimes high in the sky?

As I watched E4 and L2 ‘shooting’ the globby liquid into the air making dozens of them with their clacking, whirring bubble machines, I became almost mesmerized by their absolute beauty as the fragile rainbow colours swirled into space. I could have stayed there for longer, just watching – but alas, their joy was not in the beauty of them, but seeing how many ‘tricks’ they could perform while jumping, running and crouching, shooting the air.

I have to admit to ‘having a go’ myself after they had gone home and taking a few shots simply to see how they looked. One day when the air is still, I plan to do it again. I find it fascinating.

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