Sunday, August 12, 2007

Beautiful Saturday

Woke early today and it was so warm. Here ‘downunder’ we are still officially in our winter with Spring traditionally being ’sprung’ on 1st September. This winter has been particularly cold for some reason - or is it that I’m just getting older and feeling it more? Well whichever - today was unseasonably warm with the top temperature predicted to be 25 (about 76F) The washing (laundry) went out on to the clothes line super quick in brilliant sunshine - even had to come indoors and take off the jacket I was wearing, having put it on to brace myself for the coolness I expected, despite the outdoor thermometer showing it wasn’t and because it-can’t-possibly-be-that-warm-at this time of the year!
Well it was that warm! And the temperature even got to the predicted 25 degrees, despite the really strong wind which blew the washing dry in no time. How good to be able to bring it indoors after it being on the clothes line for only a few hours and have it dry enough to fold and put away without it going through the dryer to ‘finish it off.’ I even got to finish a long overdue painting job (in the house woodwork kind of painting) before fixing lunch, and finished off the afternoon having coffee with a friend, making a tuna casserole for tomorrow’s ‘pot luck’ at church and prepared our pizza for a nice quick laid-back, casual Saturday night dinner.
Altogether a great day, plenty of blessings, lots to be thankful for - Thank You Lord!

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