Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Two are left

There were only two in view. Surely not - there wasn't enough room for another that size to be underneath - only one explanation then. One has died and one of the adults has taken the body somewhere far away from the nest. The reason we will never know but suspect it could have been the baby I clipped the nylon twine from a few days ago. How could it have survived this long then? Who knows? One can only surmise. But the two left are healthy looking with downy feathers now covering their fat bulging little bodies. Wing feathers growing longer with each passing day and mouths almost as wide as their heads with bright eyes which now look straight at me as I peer into the nest.

I haven't dared pick another one up as adults are squarking close by and I don't want to be their target. I've not heard of noisy miners attacking people like magpies often do during their breeding season so as these babies get larger I may be tempted. It will be interesting to see if either of them come back to their birthplace after they fly the coop.

As I ponder today's events, again I'm reminded of the delicate balance between life and death and how amazing is our Creator who keeps us in that balance.

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