Wednesday, November 03, 2004

And Baby Makes Three

Three on a twig? Well not quite - but three were on my gardenia bush. Our bird has brought her family along - not a new 'mum to be,' this one, it would seem. Through the glass window I caught a glimpse of movement near the nest. It wasn't just 'mum to be' moving in an out as she's been doing over the past week or so. It was more than that - in fact more birds. Dad proved to be the one to tip it - and off he flew, leaving' mum to be' sitting on the nest - and what appears to be a nearly grown bird, feathered, but with none of the usual noisy miner markings - completely brownish grey, except for eyes and legs. Whether it was the uncertainty of the perch or a message received of 'you're too big for this' from mum is hard to decide, but Mother bird was soon left by herself, nestling comfortably into the shape of her handiwork, and contemplating what the future might bring.

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